that FRIGGIN BOO​-​YAH tape


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click on each individual tune and it'll tell you who made the beat.
i asked all my friends for breats to rap on and they all sent me rap drums thru the gmails. I plugged my email machine into my cassette tape 4 track and rapped over the breats they sent me. boo-yah. I have 42 23 minute tapes that I'm gonna record all these tunes onto, what a rare awesome tape that'll be.


released January 24, 2013



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Track Name: go back to russia
Nickel plate my burlap and nickle bag by my girl rap quasimodo shoulder pads i be where the birds at thunder clap lightning bolt doo doo do rap do it goon tit bruce smith dude piss girl piss boy piss jew piss goy piss jizz your pants chicken dance chicken head war dance i m friggin kooky man your dads the boogie man your ma should noogie him ill call you cookie tim the way u look you look like cookies mean a lot to you i left a bunch of eggs and flour for you in yr locker in the summer things get rotten in winter things freeze i fit right inbetween that birds knees right in that crotch spot yo im a crotch cop i interview the most hot and cuff the most awesome ones
I like to do sex i like a witchy lady throwin out that voodoo hex at all the chicken heads at all the booboo heads at all the clowns dummies and all the sinner men yo its the winter man im in them hinterlands cuttin suckers heads off and harvesting their pineal glands im like dmx high on dmt freaking out bout lil b buggin bout what google means dyou ever google me im eatin kidney beans sprayed you wit that baby oil cuz just to make yr tittys gleam you got a shine to ya its quite enjoyable if you had a bunch of change id roll up all yr coins with you drive you to the bank i strictly salute the birds with with the most top rank you the whole world young woman old girl im an old man you a nice lady we should probly eat and do screws like twice daily eat that rice daily ill buy you hot soup crush some crackers on it ill get you cold soup im the cracker crusher bought you gezpacho barney yelled go back to russia
Track Name: boo-yah (friggin boo-yah)
Friggin boo yah i did a bunch a beer friggin boo- yah to all the breeders and the queers homosexuals hetero sexuals like the homie ski mask said all of you are fuckers i fux with all of ya'll unless u dont fuck with me if you dont fuck with me suck me where i pee ill fuck your girlfriend then you'll be a bore to her i'll fulfill her while you bounce a tic tac down her corridor she grabs my sausage puts her roll on it pours the peppers and onions all over it oh shit yo i mighta overdid that metaphor a bit your girls pussy loves the way i boner it she cant get over it yo i rap son you a cap gun u front and make a lil noise your girl got that chosen cunt you be fucking goy
Track Name: Al Gore Rhythms
Al gore rhythms al gore riddims archipelagos arpeggios and chittlins pork rinds and lone stars utz and natty bos troyer farms and gennys show me where da batterys go 20 d energizers then give me 20 slices do the right thing yo drive thru and super size it give me 50 vitamins i put my dick thru all yr napkin rings had to get it flaccid first your wife strangled it til it greeted her with a aclassic burst now yr napkins smell like her and me huh lorda mercy mercy me sweet baby jesus show me where the mercy be baby buddha honest abe im on the internet with all the hottest babes im in austin im leakin wiki parts im buffalonian im in arkansas i know a weatherman 69 degrees 3 hundred million leaves of tea 7 billion leaves of grass im on your website just to delete my past i love your cursor moves im a person too lets do what persons do do a perfect screw cook up a curry stew hurry boo
Track Name: i love to do rap
I write my raps in a vacuum - aint never heard yr band dude Im biz markee i wrote this rap in the bathroom toilet stool rap juss like the classic fat dude in addition i write raps in chairs and on davenports on my phone and also in notebooks my open eyes fits right onto those hooks write raps to make birds wanna sex me i rap about the bummers and the blessings
My middle names the same as that dude that Started myspace i think hes makin shoes now both seem played out to me, they look okay on birds i guess and i do kind of miss myspace let me know if ya'll wanna bring it back ironically logistically and musically myspace was tits found a lot of awesome bands there in like 2006
Never been a broad just a dude based in america i'll wear a ladies sweater and you know i been to canada
Track Name: big bag of funyuns
Took off my shoe and my shoe was a phone i got a callous 2 missed calls and a corn i pressed the voicemail button and my laces were ponies then an indian scalped me and stole my friggin pony so im bald and bleeding and i lost my horse then my phone was my wife and she wanted a divorce
We talked about the weather and she peed in my car she took out her teeth and put em in a jar gave me a sad queef and 3 baby farts went to the back yard and she set up the jarts she speared me in the heart with the now illegal arrow she doin me like woody did to mia farrow she screwed me right in my adopted daughter she kosared me sidearm and i cant stop the slaughter shes webster
Ten ten ten ten ten ten a hundred exponential o's like a big bag of funyuns and now my stomach hurts duffel bag full of guns like yr girl they all squirt nothin ever hurts protons electrons air conditioned earth your girl loves my girth
Saw a wardrobe of love when she looked in my eyes tryed on some pieces found some her size she zipped me up and called me hawk we went out to ishtar and took a nice walk we each had a beer then she splita pear with me wish she was here with me
Track Name: bars Featuring Zev Noah
Deflate yr reeboks loosen yr david robinsons call your mom put the coffee on
dead hockey player coffee canadian doughnuts, been stockin up for y2k for almost 20 yrs now rap goes on thru 3000 punk thru 4040 every time a babys born i wish youd been aborted charlie chaplin moustache mussolini corpse zev chopped this beat up and we made some friggin borscht dee brown david robinson they retroed them180 s but they aint have the pumps on em i want some 20 dollar jordans- i heard they're made cheap how bout a nice pair thats affordable i said that before once how bout i get a billboard thats ultra mesmerizing bacterial meningitis cancers metastasizing baptize my dick sanitize my nuts immunize my lunch supersize my brunch hash browns with my burger food saw that on that youtube from those ghetto big mac dudes, give me a burger made of rooster meat and horse hooves get me a burger lets talk about what whores do they do it for the portriature dead honkey portriature donkey forfeiture asset forfeiture twigs and berry forager gorgeous women keep engorgin em always the same story chum
Track Name: big friggin mansion
Girl let me buy you some soup please girl let me buy you a cookie girl to be my boo girl let me see that pussy girl im a be your man now girl ima wife you soon im clearin it with your old man then your princess dreams cum tru
We're Gonna have awedding an awesome party too girl your heart is melting we gonna have fondue we having shrimp and oysters your family has money tgere all gonna give us some ofit there gonna give us money
Gonna Get a big friggin mansion and watch some tv in it
Street full of mansions all right next to each other mansion like your folks mansion like yr brothers
Gonna get a big friggin mansion watch some tv in it
Im gonna jizz in your pussy a bunch til humans come shootin back out now we got a family to enjoy our lil back yard
Gotta big friggin mansion kids playin in the yard yeah gotta big friggin mansion computers tvs and a yard
Girl you on your computer phone im mowin that lawn kids are dumb and stupid kids are really smart
Gotta big friggin mansion
Kids are really dumb gotta big friggin mansion kids are really smart
I heard this story amillion times whats this song about kids are really stupid kids are really smart
Heard this story amillion times yo whats this ong about kids are really stupid kids are really smart
Think im gonna do business i think im gonna do art think im gonna be ignant think im gonna be smart think im gonna do politics think im gonna be a crook gonna check it out on the internet gonna read about it in a book
Track Name: Immanuel Kant to Emanuel Lewis
Woozy goo goo doll kid eatin zebra mussels quit googling my balls kid work on yr needed muscles eatin wet lasagna bread and salad with your girlfriend you been in the can so long were worried what yr doin
Call me randy i love cheeseburgers randy johnson cuz u think i smashed yr bird once
Patio fluid do a coors with eunice do a deuce cook up a chutney with louis
You turkey bacon im louis riches patient you kevin arnold on a tv ass vacation you got flip flops just like your pop does you bought chips pops french fries and hot dogs then threw em up into the water your girl looks like sergeant slaughter
From immanuel kant to emanuel lewis - all of us bottle and piss the same fluids
I.ran away from many things fools would've stayed and fought instead
Sensei wise she say no.swordplay on the waterbed
Track Name: brown chair Featuring Dr. Ooo
I got mad at a girl once yo im fred.durst im real emotional i put my dick head first into an awesome pussy and it felt rather excellent i jizzed in a bag she didnt want her eggs deviled yet yo i excel at that
Helpin babes take off their underwear i like smart babes with blonde red and brown hair i like to be around them when its my perrogative we'll sit together in that

brown chair green chair yo im always thankful for the time we share you gotta good couch and a sweet chair your upholstery tight your upholstery right i wanna sit right next to you for 40 nights or at least a fortnight i wanna get you pregnant then pay to abort it right but mostly just kiddin there but i love your brown chair and i love to see you sittin there
Track Name: i wanna live in your crotch girl
I suck the pussys of the most awesome women i wanna fuck every babe that be into it
Gotta lotta problems but mostly im blessed had a lotta women that i loved to undress fucked a lot of women but i never had a bitch if you got a bitch then ill fuck your bitch now she my girl but she free to be her stole that line from a dude from out hur use to tune em in the yr 2000 rapped for em once he didnt think i was awesome now i do raps with a whole lotta power stay so busy i barely even shower i gets that pussy wet like your right out the shower if your pussy bloody then we'll fuck on a towel i dont give a fuck whatever make you smile suck on yr pussy then make jokes for a while buy you some pho buy you some pizza get buck bust nuts give each other seizures
I wanna live in your crotch girl
I wanna jiz in yr crotch girl
Im bob marley i wanna fuck everyone aint bob marley cuz i dont want any sons