Track Name: it takes 2 nu wave jb slangs (macmachine beat)
only track on this side that was pre-written
Track Name: freestile possee cut feat. jt, bagel jesus, zev noah, csiphir da goblin (zev noah beat)
we was all in the room freestyling, bless rap music for bringing us all together
Track Name: tipsy fixer-upper squire (little cake and jack toft)
lc n me shot the breeze had some snacks i did a couple cigs and we made the beat 1st then a cig then i one take jaked a freestyle and then we chopped the weirdest bits out, lc wrote sum shit i ghost wrote sum shit then lc finessed her verse lackadaisically
Track Name: 5am moha freestyle (zev noah beat)
ethan wanted to freestyle at 4am after a show, he did his thing, then i did this one, this one came out good
Track Name: red mined i's freestyle (teenwolf beat)
freestyled this while feeling hella angsty lol for real tho, made me feel better, then the next day when i was angsty again i was like this is garbage, it could be way hotter than i was like fuck it mang
Track Name: skunk (oddball jones beat)