Track Name: radical peace (prod. David Jones) TO
with this ill nu editon ultramagneic crowd mover new kds onthe block donny walberg ass bad boi future childrens wutang super group for my performance art
Donald Trump and Woody Allen gangbanged their daughters to create an evil Frankenstein golem next level new model fresh wife but they were actually persuaded to do so under the pressure of a new knife from the new slice of the lead Babblin brooke hogan slogan put upon propaganda public relations race war playing the most base like the race card that they've been gambling on even though all professional sports have been fixed and swat with the motion of the wicked razorblade forced pendulum set upon a notion of who can most perfectly threaten the testicles of all of your unborn grandson plus the ovaries of the whole earth mixed with your friggin wife and your daughter and abuelitx's your little precious firstborn golden boys fucking shiny fucking virgin butthole in the prison industrial complex skinhead hick drug gang prison rape nightmare bureacratic debasement protoplasm forever searching for a new peaceful solution in late babylons late propagand skank fjord bitch boi twink bully cheap strawberry painting market
Cop a quik one to match your turf and pavement fresh new one and tite new to you shirt in the morning to replace it saving up to for land to sow new seeds to freak off shout out all you perfect kooky people strivin for radical peace i feels you:)!
Track Name: SQUAAAB! (captain cosmos beat)
you basic common slobs
make me seem even less so
put your money on my knob
watchme freak your dress code
my bitch kilt gleams mean
my dressing rooms for everyone
adress me as yr highness
i ont even get hi no more
blew all my money now im full nelly furtado bro
im a bitch im a bird im yr squab pigeon gizzard throat
im yellin squab plus im peace w every squad
peace to bc todd and leviO Ooooookc lightning oout in tampa where my peppeps retired too
full friggin sno bird chuggin florida faygos in the winter shine
caffeine free shasta and i dont even get tired stoll
drink one stoli w yr girl
you aint eat her ass so ya'll both let me lite her up
i barely even write no more pull out the phone from time to time to time this shits too excitin
reminds me when the plates was white w broke blue writin
lady liberty in the middle with the torch shining
shout out my cuzin cris he made this beat w little effort
haters eat my grits and they aint know how i spiced em
im buggin kid eatin crickets in the best fort
crazy bald head davy crocket due im donny wahlberg bad boi of my group the next syphillis little cake and jack toft plus the anal pudding
7/16 all month stay out of my city
come and visit tip us well and restructure the gentry building codes
Track Name: which line man feat. emcee eats and stormshadow (macmachine beat) atx microsesh
stormshadow came thru and blessed a lil session emcee eats hosted for us to squeeze a ill rap song out as my time in atx was drawing to a close- for the brief amount of time we were able to spend crafting this tune i'd have to say our skill as rhetorical artist def shines thru- shout out macmachine of big digits for throwing me the ill beattape when he came thru and cambridge the 1st and last time i played there
Track Name: keidis boi (littlecake n jt beat)
Track Name: i feel a lott (meth dad beat)
shout out meth dad
Track Name: jung honda freestyle (prod. David Jones) TO
peace piece peace piece pies pi peas pass peas pleas:):):):):):):):)peace peace peace radical peace:):):):):):):):):):)please peace pees plz tks pleae pleasures yis peace:):):):):):):)
Track Name: god steward (teenwolf beat)
been sittin on a bunch of teenwolf slabs cuz dog is dum wizardly with his abletons and teenage engineering, freestyled this one effortlessly rather than write til the perfect bars came as i'd tried to do several times since wolf sent me this one. shout out teenwolf!
Track Name: wared hippy shit (oddball jones aka white tiger aka jonny blackwater beat)